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Update Sept. 11, 2009

Some pictures taken in the last week in southern Afghanistan (Nawa District, Helmand Province). Fifteen schools opened for registration this week and classes will begin for several thousand students. These schools were not open for 18 months because teachers and school administrators were threatened, beaten or killed if they tried to conduct classes and many families fled the area. They have been returning, and although things are not perfect here, they are getting better.

Some of the news that has made its way here lately suggests that the common perception is that we are losing in Afghanistan, often dubbing our efforts here “Obama’s Vietnam” and noting that we have been in the country for almost eight years. We are not losing here and the war in Nawa has really only been three months, during which time we’ve made some major leaps forward. There’s still a lot of work to do here, but before you fall for the rhetoric that this place is hopeless, take a look at these pictures.

Gus (Capt. Gus Bigg)

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