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Meet The Coaches

Coach Stan Nelson:

My involvement in target shooting started in the early 1950s when I was in the sixth grade, the local elementary school had a range in the basement. The NRA rifle qualification was used to measure your progress.

My next encounter was my in freshman year of college where I made the ROTC team and competed with them the rest of the year. Until my 2 sons who were in high school I had not been involved in rifle marksmanship. They joined the Ashland Lake Gun Club's junior program. That rekindled my interest in target shooting.

I became a hi power service rifle competitor and competed at the state and national level.

During this time the junior program was in need of volunteers. I obtained my NRA instructors rating for rifle, pistol and shotgun. I became the junior director for Ashland Lake. Over the years I continued to learn to teach shooting skills by attending classes by the NRA to become a NRA training counselor (teaching and certifying instructors) in rifle, pistol, shotgun, reloading and range safety officer.

The instructor rating is geared to teach the mechanics of shooting. There is more to competing than the mechanics. I enrolled in the NRA coaching program and worked to achieve a level 3 rating. Coaching is to go beyond the mechanics. Learning the mental aspects, nutrition, goal setting and helping the athlete improve their skills.

Since becoming involved with the Ashland Lake Junior Club there have been well over 200 youth participate in our program. The success of this club is not based on me but of having a staff of coaches and instructors

Assistant Coach Patrick Melchoir: