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Ashland Eagles take 3rd place team in the Gary Anderson Invitational. This match combines scores from CMP at Camp Perry and Alabama it is a 3 position , 20 shots in each positon, air rifle. The team of Josh Kovach, Antonio Remedios, Annabelle Stanec and Christina Holden turned in a team score of 2319 out of a possible 2400.

They then take the top 8 shooters of the relay and have a 10 shot match in the standing position, all four of our team members made it into this match. The scores from each relay are combined for an overall individual winner. No medals for us in this match.

We were a host for USA Shooting’s junior Olympic rifle competition referred to as the JORC. Over 20 juniors from around Ohio and 4 from other states competed in the matches. The matches were 3 position smallbore and standing air rifle.

The state winners and those who score above a certain score will get an invitation to compete in the National Championship held at the Olympic training center in Colorado. Three of our shooters fall into this category at this point. Annabelle Stanec won the women’s gold for both air and smallbore, this will be 2 years in a row for Annabelle to get invitations for both guns. Josh Kovach was the gold medal winner for men’s smallbore, Antonio Remedios fired a qualifying score for air rifle. Christina Holden won the bronze medal in women’s air.

Depending on how the scores are from around the rest of the country

We may see some more invitations

Stan Nelsen

Ashland Lake Gun Club

Junior Director