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Close Quarters Combat

CQC will be runningthe matches that were formerly run by Tactical Rifle & Shotgun.
With a huge THANK YOU to Nathan Wilson, Tim Swineford, Roy Mitchell, Vince Walker,Fred Phillips,
Jason Henthorne, Stony Smith and Mike McGreer who all ran TRS for many great years.

We will be running one match a month year round. Six summer matches outdoors and six winter matches indoors. Outdoor matches will be typically some combination of rifle, pistol, and shotgun. Indoor matches will usually be PCC and pistol. PRACTISCORE will be utilized for registration, scoring, and match results.
Registration will open the day after previous match. To maintain a quality event and minimize wait time we will be limiting the 6 indoor winter matches to 17 people MAX. Outdoormatches through the warmer months will be open to everyone. Sign-in will always be at 8:30-9:00 AM at the indoor range / CQC shipping container. Search for match registration and for scores. Type CQC in the PRACTISCORE search bar.

Aside from specialty matches(and club rules), you can shoot any gun, any optic, any magazine. Just have a safe holster, and slings & ECI(empty chamber indicator) for long guns. Low vis mag storage and concealment are always a great tactical advantage.
CQC rules

Here are preliminary dates for 2019. Please confirm on club calendar and the PRACTISCORE site. Dates will firm up by end of January.

January 12

Indoor Scenarios - PCC/Pistol

February 16

Indoor Scenarios - PCC/Pistol

March 16

Indoor Scenarios - PCC/Pistol

April 13

Range 2(50), 3(100), 6(Pin) - Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun

May 18

Range (300) .22LR tactical match - .22 rifle & .22 pistol

June 15

Woods and Swamp - 39th Francis Marion Memorial - Pump Shotgun Only

July 20

Range 2(50), 3(100), 6(Pin) - Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun

August 10

Range 2(50), 3(100) Slav Match - AK-47/SKS only - 7.62x39

September 14

(300) (200) Precision Rifle/DMR

October 12

Indoor Scenarios - PCC/Pistol

November 16

Indoor Scenarios - PCC/Pistol

December 14

Indoor Drills - PCC/Pistol

Very Respectfully,

A. Miller
CQC Director at ALGC
216 470 0270

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