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Saturday, July 26th


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Saturday was a fantastic day of shooting in the swamp, woods, and dry land at what has been touted as one of the most memorable Francis Marion Combat Shotgun Competitions to Date!

Three complex stages faced shooters who found themselves in the midst of a scenario depicting an invasion of Zombies

In the dry land stage we had vehicles, rolling targets, swinging plate targets, pistol shots, and decapitating a hand with a machete. The swamp stage was as difficult as ever, and the woods stage finished with a slug shot to a hanging water jug. 23 competitors finished the match in great (although not as muddy as some years) weather. This year was also a big step up in terms of gear, clothing, and Francis Marion goodies as F.E.W. was in attendance with embroidered clothing and Gear – All competitors got an embroidered 5.11 shirt and the new Tactical Rifle & Shotgun program challenge coin. Francis Marion apparel is still available, including children’s shirts, boonie hats, etc., please contact us for details.

The competition at the top is certainly tight, mere seconds separated the top five shooters – a few plates here, a water jug there, and the match was won or lost. Mike McGreer finished in the top slot, followed closely by four other shooters who all shot accurately and quickly in the challenging courses of fire.

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