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Francis Marion 2008 Zombie Lore

For years, you have been watching the “documentaries” and reading the “training manuals” and preparing, while putting up with the ridicule of the short-sighted.  When the Z-Rabies pandemic hit, it was no fun to say “I told you so.”

The documentaries and training manuals had many things right, but none of them had it all right, at the same time.  Those infected by Z-Rabies are very much alive.  They are not mindless, but their ability to think seriously deteriorates as the infection sets in.  They are not super-human or “fast”, but they do retain a lot of their physical abilities, until their bodies are ultimately destroyed by the virus. Their vision is seriously affected, so they can be hidden from and using cover is a good idea.  They can be killed like any other human, but they do seem to fight hard right till the end.  The one thing they did get right:  When the infection has taken hold, “Zack” does want to attack you.  He does want to bite you.  He does want to eat you.

Democrats in the White House and Congress have made it dismal for gun owners.  In addition to passing laws making it difficult to own the perfect AR15 for fighting Zack, they placed a $2 / round tax on centerfire ammunition.  This made your supply of ammo at the beginning of the pandemic very small, and you went through it quickly.  That, and a tragic boating accident, have reduced your arsenal to a few 10/22’s, a .38 Special, and your hunting shotgun.  Your hunting shotgun was easily re-configured for fighting Zack.

You and your crazy hillbilly friend have been preparing for years, building a fortified cabin on stilts, deep in the Ashlandfanokie Swamp.  It is very defensible, and stocked with food and supplies that will last for years, along with a small landing strip nearby.  As the pandemic hit, friends who knew you well began inquiring about your preparations.  From these friends, you have been able to select those that you want to survive the pandemic with you:  a doctor, a mechanic, a few hot chicks that can cook, etc.  As the situation became more and more critical, you have begun flying these people to your cabin, a couple at a time, in your crazy hillbilly friend’s private plane, leaving them armed with your 10/22’s.

The situation has finally become critical, and you and your crazy hillbilly friend are on the final flight to the cabin.  Your area is being overrun by Zack.  You have to hit the ground running, and make it deep into the swamp, while dodging Zack.  You are both armed with your riot guns and your .38 Special, as well as machetes, when you land and the shambling hordes spot you…

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