Ashland Lake Gun Club

Francis Marion Memorial 31th Anniversary Dinner

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

Start Time: 6:00pm - appetizers (tentative, contingent on match clean-up)
                      7:00pm Ė main course

Last year, Paul LeMassena called me to say that for more than a decade, he had witnessed the carnage of a couple of dozen Francis Marion shooters completely destroying fine cuts of beef in amateurish attempts to grill them. He couldnít bear to stand by and witness this beef-incineration another year, and volunteered to take over beef-critter cooking for us. The result was truly the best beef Iíve ever had at ALGC. The culinary gods have smiled on us again, as Paul and his merry band of Webermeisters have agreed to a repeat performance.

  • Various appetizers and artisan breads
  • Succulent prime rib, specially Weber-cooked under the care of the Fine Chefs of Combat Cuisine
  • Massive Baked Potato
  • Portobello Mushroom Surprise
  • Salad
This will be a BYOB event, so please bring the adult beverage of your choice.

Please detach the coupon below and mail it in along with payment.
  • Checks must be IN-HAND by Wednesday, July 20th. If for some reason, you canít get your check mailed in time, you need to contact Paul, or youíll be eating left over hotdogs.
  • This event will be limited to 30 people, so get your money in early
  • Make checks payable to: Paul LeMassena
  • Registration form to print and mail with check


Paul Le Massena
1567 Bellus Rd
Hinckley OH 44233
Phone: 440 570 7635
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