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2013 Francis Marion Memorial

Swamp Fox Assault XXXIII

July 20th, 2013

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It is with great pride and enthusiasm that we will be running the 33rd Anniversary Match this summer.

  • The match will be held Saturday, July 20th

  • This year’s two “dry-land” stages can be shot as a “stand-alone” side match. Be prepared to carry and shoot a minimum of 20 shot loads, and 20 slugs, just for that stage. This is a chance for some of our more “distinguished alumni” to take part in the fun.

  • Shooters for the “full-match” will be squadded. We will do our best to accommodate squadding requests (see registration form). Check-in / Registration / Squadding starts at 10:30 am, ends at 11:30 am. Shooters meeting at 11:45. Shooting starts at 12:00. Registration may be limited to the first 30 shooters.

  • There will be no lunch provided as part of the match. Bring food and beverages to be consumed on the course, if you like.

  • The 33rd Anniversary Dinner will be held AFTER the match this year, Saturday evening around 6-ish (after clean-up).

  • Costs:

    • Full Match: $25 (+ $5 for non-members)

    • Dry-land stage only, side match: $12 (+ $3 for non-members)

    • $10 Clean-up deposit (re-funded if you stay to help clean up, applies only to “full match” shooters)

    • Match T-shirt: $12

Course Description and Equipment Requirements:

  • All standard ALGC T R & S rules apply

  • There will be four shotgun divisions this year:

    • Stock (AKA: Stock Riot Gun):

    • Tactical Enhanced Shotgun

    • Heavy Gun (AKA: Swamp Fox Shotgun)

    • Open

  • There will be a minimum of 65 steel targets and 25 slug targets. Be prepared to shoot slugs out to 100 yards. Bring extra ammo.

    • Minimum power factor for “Heavy Gun” is 640,000 (for example, “standard” 9 pellet buckshot is 643,000 power factor, most 1 ¼ ounce, 3 ¼ dram loads exceed this. Standard slugs only).

    • Minimum power factor for Stock or Tactical classes is 545,000 (for example, “tactical” 9 pellet buckshot is 546,000 power factor, most 1 ounce “game loads” exceed this. “Tactical” or “low-recoil” slugs allowed).

    • No steel shot or 7 ½, 8s or 9s allowed. BE ADVISED: Lighter loads don’t take the poppers down as well as heavy loads and require more precise shooting, and often tighter chokes. If your ammo of choice fails to take down the targets, no whining is allowed!

  • Standard ammo carrier rules apply. Be prepared to have to load your gun quickly from NON-standard ammo carriers, which will be supplied to you. Be prepared to carry as much as 35 rounds of ammo on your person, at one time.

  • Slings must be attached to your weapon on ALL stages.

  • As always, wear clothing and shoes appropriate to the swamp venue. Hearing and eye protection are required at all times, no exceptions.

Feel free to contact me with questions or comments:

Please print out and mail the attached form to:

Roy Mitchell

7519 Newport Ave

Parma, OH 44129

Registration forms and checks must be received by July 5th if you would like a t-shirt, July 18th if you are just shooting. Walk-ins are OK for the side-match, subject to how busy we are.

Tips for New Shooters:

  1. Most of your reloads will be required to be what we call a “Ready-Position Reload”. The exception to this rule, are transition loads from buckshot to slugs, or vice versa, since that can be complicated. Here is a youtube video of ALGC’s very own celebrity spokesmodel, Roy Mitchell, demonstrating both correct and incorrect ways to perform this reload:

  1. The trick to making it through the swamp, is to keep mud out of the action of your gun. The most common way people introduce mud to their guns, is by directly getting their ammo mudding, or by getting mud on their hands, then onto their ammo, and then into their action. Ways to avoid this:

    1. Always be conscious of how clean your “loading hand” is. If it is covered with mud, take the time to wipe it off. It is time well spent.

    2. Have multiple ammo locations on your person and weapon. Cautious shooters make sure one of them is “protected”, like in a pouch with a flap, or a very deep pocket. That is your back-up ammo. For example, a well prepared swamp shooter has ammo:

      1. In a side-saddle

      2. In a cross-chest bandolier

      3. In a belt carrier or belt bandolier

      4. In protected belt pouch or pocket with closed flap.

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