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Jackson Cockbriar, entrepreneur, explorer and bon vivant, had long dreamed of finding sunken Spanish galleons and gold.  After years of researching and exploring the Philippines islands, he finally found it... not at the bottom of the ocean, but in a mangrove swamp.  A Spanish treasure ship, the Bonita Puta, lost in a hurricane, had managed to limp to this deserted island in the southern Philippines, before sinking in a shallow harbor, which slowly filled in over the course of 350 years.
Jackson carefully recruited a four man team of local Filipinos as labor and security to begin the excavation of the swamp.  Unfortunately, not carefully enough, as one of his recruits was an agent of local pirate and self-styled Sultan of Sulu, Bluto Kiram.
After establishing a beach camp and carefully working for a month, they found their first gold coin.  Ecstatic, they celebrated in true Filipino style:  lots of fresh caught fish, and the local coconut milk moonshine, lambanog.  At some point during the night, Jackson headed to the latrine to empty the bilges, but got slightly lost, eventually just laying down in the jungle and passing out.
At the first glimmer of dawn, Jackson’s pounding head is abruptly brought to consciousness, by the sound of automatic gunfire.  Quickly coming to his senses, Jackson carefully creeps towards the gunfire.  As he approaches, he sees one of his team, the traitor, executing the rest of his team, under the watchful eye of Bluto Kiram and a large group of his pirates and thugs.  They collect the three beat-to-hell M16’s that his team had, leaving behind the single pump shotgun, and head into the jungle.
Jackson creeps up to the camp and picks up the ancient 870 pump shotgun.  With its cracked stock and “finish” of light rust, he declares it “nicely broken in”.  Gathering up a large quantity of shot shells, he whispers, “Well Danilo, Benjie and Boni, looks like I have some pirates to kill.  Your families will have justice.”  Bluto Kiram was about to find out what one good man with a shotgun can do.
Stage 1:  Jungle Pursuit – Jackson follows the pirates through the jungle, picking off the tail end of the group with precision slug fire.  The fight then becomes a running close range buckshot melee.
Stage 2:  Pirate Camp Decimation – Bluto and a few of the pirates get away in the jungle, with Jackson in close pursuit.  They arrive at small camp on the other side of the small island, on the beach, joining others still there.  Jackson plays Beach Blanket Bingo with them.
Stage 3:  South Pacific Swamp - Faced with a ferocity they have never witnessed before, Bluto and a group of surviving pirates escape the beach and head to the swamp, where they have a small boat anchored in deeper water on the other side of it.  Jackson shows them that swamps, whether in rural northeast Ohio, or the middle of the Pacific, are the natural habitat and killing ground of a Buckeye-born, but Kentucky-blooded, lead farmer.

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