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Francis Marion Memorial Assault XXII
Urban Studies Program - July 27, 2002

Another great FRANCIS MARION event

This event is possibly the premier event of our shooting season! Its starts on Friday evening, an absolute feast. Camp overnight if you like, and then on Saturday, the best Urban Shotgun course in the Midwest.

Don't miss this event next year!

The Urban Studies Program, the one that offers IDPA style shooting with your favorite blaster gives the urban shooter a chance to hone his or her skills in a semi-competitive atmosphere. Ashland Lake Gun Club's hospitality and well-trained IDPA staff have proven themselves for 22 years.

Stage1: Bad Run From Rio...A familiar repeat from 1987 and 2000 includes the low window and climbing wall to test the shooter's positioning skill.

Stage2: The Pepper Popper Challenge...a unique course of fire designed for shooting on the move... 12 targets with reloading behind cover... and a low tunnel.

Stage3: The Movers
...scored IDPA targets with slugs... hoping to spoil your perfect day, discretely placed targets moving at 8 feet per second... bouncing from behind hand cover... enjoy! Click here to see the moving target.

Equipment Needed:
  • A pump or semi auto shotgun with factory sights, no optics or speed loaders of any kind. All loaded ammunition must be held on the waist, on the shotgun or on a bandoleer.
  • 20 rounds of slug (minimum)
  • 40 rounds of shot ammo (minimum) capable of taking down a pepper popper.
  • 00 buck - 4 buck - Hi Brass #6
  • No steel shot permitted
  • Protective ear and eye wear a must. All competitors will be checked on the line.
  • Athletic type foot wear. Wear low shoes that can take adverse conditions.

Lunch: Provided by Combat Cuisine, all day on the range. The no charge food challenge!

Camping: Available, no charge

Classes: Two trophies for 1st and 2nd place finishers for pump and semi auto, another 1st in the Midwest. You will receive the ultimate urban T-shirt, and you can eat all day on the range!


Friday Night Porterhouse Dinner & Camping $27.00
Saturday Shooting, Lunch & Tee Shirt $39.00

The Friday Night Feast
The secret portabella mushroom extravaganza passed down by the "old ones" of Combat Cuisine.
1/2 lb. Idaho Baker complete with sour cream, butter & chives.
The bottomless salad of fresh greens and vegetables.
Your 28 oz. porterhouse.. dry aged to succulence & hand selected by the new "Earls of Excess."
The ultimate dining experience the night before the Midwest's best urban shotgun course... be there!

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