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Saturday, July 30th, 9:00 a.m.

Report and Scores from this year's match

Be sure to see the photo album from last year's Francis Marion

  • PUMP OR SEMI-AUTOMATIC SHOTGUN: 12 or 20 ga., smoothbore only, 28: barrel max., iron or optical sights.
  • AMMUNITION: 35 rounds of buckshot, 15 slugs. Any 12 ga. buckshot or slug load may be used (including "tactical" or "reduced recoil" loads). For the budget-minded, #6 or larger heavy birdshot loads (1 ounce, 3 dram equiv. minimum) may be substituted for buckshot. If you shoot a 20 ga., you must shoot full power buckshot loads and slugs. (Note: Ladies will be accommodated in any/every way possible if they are recoil-sensitive to heavy loads).
  • ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT: A sling may be useful but is not mandatory. You will need some type of ammunition carrier capable of carrying at least 10 extra rounds of ammunition. Disposable clothes and ankle supporting footwear are recommended
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Just released July 27 - HINTS!

  • There will be weak-shoulder shooting (with buckshot). Because of this, we strongly discourage the use of butt-cuff shell holders. Shooting from the weak-shoulder is difficult enough. It is even harder (and painful) if you have to do it with your cheek up against a full butt-cuff. Our rules don't prohibit these types of shell holders, so if you must use one, you can. However, you will have to use it for all stages (especially the weak-shoulder stage), and we will keep track of this.
  • There will be some extremely challenging slug shooting. On stage two, the hardest target will be a one gallon water jug at around 50 yards. It must be perforated in order for a hit to be scored. On stage three, you will be shooting at multiple moving slug targets, with very little time to make up for missed shots.
  • You will start the swamp stage un-armed, without any ammunition on your body. As such, it would be very helpful if you have an ammuniton holder, belt or bandolier that can be very quickly "worn", such as a shotshell belt or bandolier. An across-the-chest bandolier will be made available for those shooters who don't have one of these.
  • The condition of the "ranges" is very weather dependent. Be prepared for anything. The long range forecast is calling for a lot of rain early in the week, with (relatively) cool weather and no rain for Friday and Saturday.
This is a BYOB event! As usual, a commemorative T-shirt will also be available.
Match fee (including lunch) is $25, plus $15 for each T-shirt.

If your entry form is not received by July 9th, you may not receive a T-shirt!!!!!

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