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I met Jan Hill, former long-time President of ALGC, when Jan was a Range Safety Officer at Select Fire Training Center (SFTC), a new range which I joined two years ago, even before it officially opened. I would shoot vintage Colt and Smith & Wesson double action revolvers, with no agenda other than to have fun and burn some gunpowder and shoot revolvers. Then I met Jan.

Jan quickly became my shooting mentor, coach and friend. Jan is a tireless promoter and recruiter, and promptly recruited me to compete in the National Revolver Matches at Camp Perry in July, 2014. The National Revolver Matches involve one-handed bullseye shooting at 25 and 50 yards. Unlike SFTC, ALGC has handgun ranges out to 50 yards. Jan also persuaded me to attend the ALGC 2014 Winter Banquet. I had fun, and I liked all of the ALGC members that I met at the banquet.

After my first trip to ALGC, with Jan, including my first outdoor bullseye revolver shooting at 50 yards, and a complete tour of the facilities, I was eager to join ALGC. Of course, that involves some paperwork and an appearance before the ALGC Board of Trustees, describing why I wanted to join the club.

My very first act as a member of ALCG, at the Trusteesí Meeting after I was approved to join the club, was to try to start a new club tradition. I invented and presented a new award. I encourage you to do the same, making this a club tradition and honor. The ALGC Presidentís Award is intended to honor and thank an ALGC member who is particularly noteworthy and deserving of a special award, for whatever reasons the person making the award deems appropriate. I wanted to thank Jan Hill publicly, in a meaningful and memorable way, for significantly enhancing my enjoyment of shooting sports, so I presented the first (but hopefully not the last) ALGC Presidentís Award to Jan. The Award included a fancy certificate, a fine vintage Smith & Wesson revolver in a display case, and a speech thanking Jan.

Since joining ALCG, during good weather periods, I visit the club about once a week to practice bullseye shooting with my vintage Smith & Wesson revolvers (and have a nice meal at the Cornerstone, and buy fresh Amish produce from local farmers). I quickly discovered the bowling pin shooting range, and happily burned a lot of gunpowder there as well. The club has many social events, and I have planned some range trips to coincide with social events. I like all of the members that I have met, and have felt quite welcome and comfortable in the club. This year, I may also use the rifle ranges and the bird house. If I could obtain a parking spot, it would be nice to take my travel trailer to the club, so that when the social events roll around, I can have a glass or two of wine with a meal, socialize, and not have to drive afterwards.

Thanks to all of you for welcoming me in such an unreserved fashion to your great club, with my very special thanks to Jan Hill for relentlessly recruiting me for membership.

Rick French
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