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New Modern Military Class

Beginning with the Vintage Foreign Service Rifle Match on July 2nd, We will begin offering shooters the option of firing in a Modern Military class. You may fire in this class during any of our Vintage Matches. Modern Military class covers A/R 15ís or any military rifle described in CMP rules 5.2.4. This includes AK 47ís, SKSís And FALís. The weight limit is 8.5 lbs. For an A/R 15 and up to 9.75 lbs for the FAL. Rifles may be scoped as long as it is 4.5 power or under. We will not be sticklers on the scope rule providing you are using a variable power scope and you fire at maximum 4.5 power.

The course of fire is the same 30 round as we fire in any vintage match at 200 yards. Prone slow fire with sighters, rapid fire prone and standing. You will have the same time limits as the shooters firing vintage rifles. This is a separate class and you will not be shooting against Vintage rifles. There will also be separate rewards.

Cost of the match will be the same as VFSR. $10. for members and juniors, $15 for non-members.

The CMP began their Modern Military category several years ago and we are slow to catch on. This is the first year that optics are allowed, so I thought it would be a good time to start.

If you have questions, feel free to call.

John Hill
High Power Director
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