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2017 High Power Rifle Clinic

April 22th 9:00

Attention: ALGC will adopt the new 2016 CMP rule changes now allowing the optional use of a scoped rifle. Please see details of the new rule change at

The goal of this clinic is to familiarize shooters with proper Service Rifle marksmanship techniques, zeroing rifles, slow fire & rapid fire, prone standing & sitting positions, use of sling, safety, range rules, pit duties and scoring procedure for National High Power Match Course competition.

This clinic is for new shooters or for those who wish to brush up on skills.

The course will be conducted in the new pavilion from 9:00 to approximately 1:00 and then move out to the 200 yard line at the 300 yard range for a practice match.

An abbreviated National Match practice match will be held consisting of:

Stage 1. Sighters and 10 rounds slow fire prone.

Stage 2. 10 rounds rapid fire prone.

Stage 2. 10 rounds rapid fire standing to sitting.

Stage 4. 10 rounds slow fire standing.

What you need to bring:

Hearing and eye protection

Service rifle ( M1 Garand,M1A, or AR 15 with sling).


Shooting coat and glove if you have it.

Long pants.


Optional: Spotting scope, Score book , Shooting mat, Range stool.

Note: The club has an AR 15 match rifle and an M1 Garand available for use for anyone not wishing to invest in equipment at this stage. Ammunition will be made available for club rifles at a reasonable cost.

Pre-registration is not required but appreciated. There is no cost for this clinic.

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