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High Power Program

2017 Schedule

April 22

Clinic 9:00 Pavilion. Practice Match 300 yard range 1 PM

April 30

Service Rifle Match 12:00 (Scores)

May 6

Service Rifle Match 10:00 AM (Scores)

May 20

Service Rifle Match 10:00 AM (Scores)

June 3

D Day Match (Scores)

June 10

M1 for Vets Benefit Match. CMP sanctioned M1 Garand match. 10:00 Benefit Diner held in the pavilion starting at 4 PM. Details (Scores)

July 1

Springfield, FSR, and Modern Military Match 10:00 M1 Carbine Match stating at 1 PM. (Scores)

July 8

Woman on Target

July 9

Service Rifle Match 12:00 (Scores)

August 5

Service Rifle Match 10:00 (Scores)

August 26

Vintage Sniper Team Match / Modern Sniper Team match 11:00 at the 300 yard range. Note: The match will be preceded by a scope rifle clinic conducted by Ted Morley in the pavilion starting at 8:00 AM

The match will be 10 rounds each team member from the 200 yard line and 300 yard line pluse 2 sighters.. Vintage and modern rifles will use different targets. Cost of the match is $5,00 per team member.
August 27 Woman’s High Power Match 12:00

September 3

Service Rifle Match 12:00 (Scores)

September 24

Service Rifle Noon (Scores)

October 8

Service Rifle Match 12:00 (Scores)

October 21

Service Rifle Match 10:00 (Scores)

Shooters meet on 300yd range 10 minutes before scheduled match time.

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