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Savage Trigger Tour comes to Ashland Lake!

September 23, 2017

"Yes Sir, that’s the one, would you like to try the new 6.5?" "Yes Ma’am, it is our brand new Recon AR. Would you like to shoot it?" "Yes Sir, it is Federal Premium ammo." That is what I heard when I attended my first Savage Trigger Tour. I went west last month to see what they really did at these shows, so we could best prepare our club for September 23, 2017! Write down the date. It’s going to be a great day at ALGC!
"So what’s the deal?" you ask. Well, Savage is telling the world they make great rifles. Federal Premium is telling the world they make great ammo. Bushnell is telling the world the make great optics. Now they are telling you to go out to your favorite club and shoot them, free!

You see Vista Outdoor owns Savage, Federal Premium, Champion and about 50 more brands. They supply The Fin, and every other good outdoor store, with a "butt ton" of products (that’s technical language for "an awful lot"). The good folks at The Fin asked them to move out of the store and come to our range to help us see, and touch, and hold, and shoot their wares. You can see it here , or just come out to your favorite club on September 23rd and shoot some of their newest and best guns, ammo and optics for FREE! Did I mention FREE??

We will open to Club members starting at 11:00 AM, going until 1:00. Bring the wife, husband, favorite kid, whomever and come out and have some fun. If you have two (or ten) friends bring them out at 1:00 PM, we’ll open to the public from 1:00 to closing. Please bring your membership badge if you wish to shoot during the early time, or if you wish to go right on the pavilion road. We are having members (and family) shoot first, public later. So your best ten buds, who are non-members, will have to shoot later. Also, because we expect many non-members to join us we plan to close off the pavilion road to all non-members.

Come and enjoy the Club, enjoy shooting some neat new guns, ammo and optics for free. (Did I mention free?) Oh, and by the way if you come out and shoot on the 23rd, Vista Outdoor will give you a 10% off coupon to use at The Fin over the next 30 days. That is 10% everything Vista Outdoor sells, all you can buy on one sale! You need three new rifles and a butt ton of ammo? Buy them, 10% off! You need two scopes, a rifle, some bullets and a metal target? Buy them, 10% off! You need a shotgun, five flats of skeet loads and a case of Champion clays? Buy them, 10% off! The moral of the story is, on September 23rd we are hosting Vista Outdoor and The Fin is sponsoring them. Come on down to the range for a great day, FREE!
So, if you have read this far you must be thinking about coming to the event. Well, just like every other event we need some volunteers. We’ll need around ten guys to help the traffic flow from the gate to the 200 yard range for parking. We’ll need some qualified Range Safety Officers to watch over our guests. We’ll need some folks to help with registration and ALGC membership information table, and a couple to make and sell hot dogs and soda. We might even need some guys to drive the people movers, time will tell. Vista Outdoor has offered to buy lunch and then host a steak roast after we are done for volunteers! I’ll bring my wall tent to set up by the pavilion fire pit, for those who wish to stay a bit later (and not have to drive home). Bring a cot, bring a sleeping bag, bring your desire to have a great day and come out to your Club. It’s going to be a great day at ALGC!

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