Ashland Lake Gun Club

Ninth Annual DARE Benefit

Police Pistol, Shotgun and Rifle Match

Date & Time: Saturday, June 24, 2006 0900 to 1800 hours

Location: Ashland Lake Gun Club, US Route 42, 4 miles south of West Salem, OH
(intersection of Rts. 42 and 301) Look for the yellow and blue ALGC sign!

Rules: ALGC and current NRA Police Combat Pistol Rules apply.

Eligibility: All ALGC members, and all Law Enforcement Officers and U.S. citizens 21 years of age or older.

Purpose: To benefit the DARE Program in Ashland county and the ALGC Boy Scouts of America Explorer Post. To provide additional firearms training to Law Enforcement officers and to expose civilians to Police Firearms training.

Teams: 4 person teams - May be composed of Law Enforcement Agencies, Fraternal Organizations, Military Units or Clubs. Pick-up teams permitted. Participants may be on one team only.

Entries: Accepted at date and time of Match. All entrants must sign a waiver of liability.

Choose any or all of the following matches:

Match 1 - Police Pistol

Fees: $6.00 Individual, $24.00 each team ($6.00 per shooter)

Course of Fire:
48 rounds each match

STAGE 1: 10 feet 6 shots 8 seconds Strong hand only, hip or point, standing without support

STAGE 2: 21 feet 12 shots 25 seconds 2 hand, standing without support ? Includes reloading time

STAGE 3: 50 feet 12 shots 30 seconds 2 hand, standing without support ? Includes reloading time

STAGE 4: 75 feet 18 shots 90 seconds 6 shots kneeling,using the barricade for support
6 shots left side of barricade using the left hand
6 shots right side of barricade using the right hand

Equipment: Any revolver or semiautomatic pistol, caliber .38 Special, .357 Magnum, 9mm Luger, .40 S&W,
.45. Fixed or adjustable iron sights. Sights may be change but must remain duty serviceable
and fit in a holster. NO optical sights or rib type sight systems. NO custom heavy barrels or
compensators allowed. Sight radius must not be in excess of 8 inches. Use of duty issue
weapons is encouraged! All weapons subject to inspection for rule compliance.

Grips: May be changed but remain duty type and serviceable

Holsters: Duty type only. No shoulder, crossdraw or spring activated holsters allowed!

Ammunition: Wadcutter, semiwadcutter, or round nose allowed. May be factory or hand loaded. No magnum ammunition allowed. Shooters must provide own ammunition.

Reloading: Must be done from shooter?s person, belt loops, speedloaders, pockets or magazines. Auto pistol magazines will be with no more than 6 rounds.

Alibis: None

Targets: NRA B-27-E

Awards: To be determined.

Safety: ALGC Rules in force. No handling or loading any weapons off the firing line. Disorderly conduct will not be tolerated and will be cause for immediate removal from the range. ALGC liability release must be signed by all competitors and spectators.

Any match may be re-entered, but only the best score counts!

For further information contact Jan Hill at 216-228-4717 or via e-mail at

MATCH #2 - The Bowling Pins

Part 1. Service/Police Pistol .38 Special, 9mm, .40S&W, or .45
Three tables of 5 pins each at the back of the table
Maximum of 8 rounds loaded per magazine
Match fee $4.00
Part 2. Shotgun ; Pump or Auto 12 or 20 gauge - Advise 1-1/4 oz. of #4 shot or larger. #6 is the smallest allowed.

NO 7-1/2 or 8 shot permitted.

Three tables of 5 pins each at the front of the table
Match fee $4.00
**Take advantage of the savings, enter both the Service/Police Pistol and Shotgun parts for only $6.00!**

MATCH #3 - Master - Counter Sniper Challenge

Any Centerfire Police Type Rifle and handgun. Telescopic sight is strongly recommended. Magazine capacity of at least 4 rounds, not greater than .35 caliber. May be equipped with sling and bipod but must be retained throughout the entire match. No weight limit..

Optional equipment: Spotting scope or binoculars, range finder, ground cloth or mat, sandbags, recoil pads, or elbow pads may be
used but must be carried through all stages. Tactical uniform and gloves may be worn. Heavy NRA type shooting coats and
competition shooting gloves or mitts are not permitted.

Targets: Real world silhouette, B-3 target
Ammunition Required: Not more than 20 rounds for rifle, 10 rounds handgun.
Match 1 One shot from a cold clean bore at a B-3 target from an unknown distance between 100 and 200 yards.

This is a one shot match! This match is optional! One shot from any one rifle for the day, no cleaning and reuse! Rifle is on ground with one round in magazine, shooter from standing has 25 seconds from start signal to fire one round.

Stage 2: Counter sniper, engaging targets from300, 200 and 100yards with rifle, 15 yards with handgun.

MATCH #4 - Birds of Prey - (TENTATIVE)

25 clay birds along Hogan's Alley. #8 shot must be used! (available on range)
Equipment: The police 12 gauge riot gun
Match fee: $6.00

MATCH #5 - IDPA Stage

Combat scenario for stock service pistols. Approximately 50 rounds required.
Stages will include IDPA targets and possibly steel silhouettes.
Match fee: $6.00

MATCH #6 - Tactical Shotgun

This match will be run according to our standard Tactical Shotgun Rules, with the exception that 'tactical' buckshot will be allowed, but no birdshot. One stage, two strings. Bring a minimum of 20 rounds of buckshot, 5 slugs. This match will use pepper poppers and IDPA targets. Maximum range of 15 yards for buckshot, 25 yards for slugs.
Match fee: $6.00

MATCH #7 - Patrol Carbine

This match will also be run according to our standard Tactical Rifle Rules. It is strongly recommended that shooters take a look at these rules ahead of time. All rifle classes will be included. All shooting will be at 100 yards,or less at IDPA targets. Maximum of 50 rounds. Magazine fed rifles should have at least three magazines. There will be two strings of fire. All shooting is on the clock, scored Limited Vickers (modified per our rules). Some reloads may also be on the clock.
NOTE: Shooters in Special Purpose Rifle and Bolt Action Sniper classes should know where your zeroes are at 25, 50 and 100 yards. Other classes should zeroed for 25 and 50 yards. As detailed on our website rules, bipods, etc. are allowed for some strings for SPR and Bolt Action Sniper classes.

Match fee: $6.00



OBIs will be available at the registration table.
Food and beverages will available during the day at the pavilion at a nominal cost.
The shooter shuttle will be operating to transport shooters from the parking and pavilion areas to the ranges.
Social hour after 1800 hours.

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