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The Chili Bowl '02

November 2, Saturday at 9:00AM marked the last IDPA course of fire for the season.

  • 6 pistol courses were offered and the last classifier for the season.
  • The classifier was open to those who wished to enhance their outdoor score with the full size firearm only.
  • The 6 pistol courses of the day could be shot with a multiple of small firearms. Belly guns or those of which comply in the IDPA back up Gun Division.
  • You could shoot the entire 6 courses with full size firearms or try any multiple of the course with the smaller pistol, but not in combination with full size and IDPA belly gun. You could either shoot the full size gun all 6 courses or shoot a multiple of belly guns in all 6.
  • If you competed with the small firearm, you could shoot 6 different firearms of manufacturer, as long as they comply with the caliber.
  • Handguns permitted in the BACK-UP GUN Division are single or double action and either pistol or revolver and be of .32 auto, 380. ACP, 9x19, .38Special, 357 Magnum, 40S&W, 10mm, 45ACP and meet the following criteria. Pistols must have a barrel length of 3.8" or less. (Factory installed cone style barrels with or without a barrel bushing are permitted), revolvers a barrel length of 3" or less. Maximum (total) number of rounds that may be loaded into the handgun is 5.

Chili was the main course. Our competitors conjured up your their crock-pot of chili and shared with the rest of the shooters

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