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IDPA Program at Ashland Lake Gun Club - 2014

For anyone interested in shooting the IDPA program, here is some information about IDPA.

IDPA stands for International Defensive Pistol Association. It was founded in 1996 in response to shooters looking for a shooting sport that simulates self-defense shooting scenarios and potentially life-threatening encounters.

IDPA is a great companion shooting sport for anyone who has a concealed carry permit.

Many shooters’ practice shooting by going to he range, loading their firearm and shooting at pie plate “X” many feet down range.

In IDPA, the shooter wears their concealed carry gear along with some type of cover garment. Shooting is different as a scenario is presented and the shooter must draw from a holster and shoot their way out of the scenario. The time to shoot the course of fire (COF) is kept and the targets are scored.

IDPA shooting events require the use of practical handguns and holsters that are truly suitable for self-defense. Competition only equipment is not allowed.

The firearms used in IDPA are grouped into 5 different divisions depending on what type of gun you are shooting. This way a revolver shooter is not outgunned by a 1911 shooter.

After shooting a 90 round qualification course, shooters are ranked by a classification. This progresses in skill level from Novice to Marksman to Sharpshooter to Expert to Master.

IDPA is geared towards the average shooter. In May 2010, sixty shooters shot the 90-round classification match at ALGC. No masters, no experts, 10 sharpshooters, 32 marksman and 18 novices.

If anyone is interested in shooting the IDPA program, here is a list of the basic equipment you will need: 
  • A revolver or automatic handgun in a caliber of at least 9mm or larger
  • A holster for the weapon of choice
  • A good sturdy belt that will hold the weight of a handgun and extra magazines
  • A minimum of 3 magazines or 3 speed loaders for your weapon
  • A device or pouch to hold the extra magazines or speed loaders on your belt
  • A cover garment to conceal your weapon and extra ammo carriers
  • Roughly around 100 rounds of ammo (you will go home with extra)
  • $15 if you do not belong to Ashland Lake Gun Club.
  • $12 if you belong to Ashland Lake Gun Club but not IDPA.
  • $10 if you belong to both ALGC and IDPA
  • Want to save money, and about our affiliate membership program.
  • An empty stomach for lunch. Lunch is provided and part of the registration
  • To be prepared to meet a lot of really nice people and have a lot of fun

If you do not have the proper equipment and would like to try it, give me an advance notice and I will be more then willing to lend you the gear you need.
ATTENTION: The ALGC/IDPA program is not a shooting class or any form of tactical training. You must be familiar with drawing from a holster, shooting from cover and around corners, shooting while moving, and shooting in other unorthodox positions. You must be familiar with your weapon of choice and how it functions. IDPA is not a place to “learn to shoot”.

We offer an Introduction to IDPA Clinic in April and this will cover how the sport started, rules, equipment, scoring, and everything you would need to know. Please refer to the IDPA web site for detailed information and a free copy of the rulebook.
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