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2014 Web Site News

Jan 11, 2015 Work Party Credit update
Jan 5, 2015 Work Party Credit listing updated & Winter Banquet Reservation form posted.
Dec 28 Bowling Pin Match scores posted.
Dec 23 Down Range Report for January in members only area
Dec 22 Work Party Credit for 2014 posted in members only area
Dec 21 Two indoor range member shoots posted to calendar
Dec 15 Added Bowling Pin Match to the schedule
Nov 26 December Down Range Report in Members Only area
Nov 22 Indoor Range schedule for members only shooting posted
Nov 16 Annual Raffle info above
Nov 3 IDPA BUG Match Scores posted
Oct 28 High Power match scores posted
Oct 26 Added Winter Banquet to calendar
Oct 22 November Down Range Report posted on Members Only side
Oct 21 Tactical Shotgun Match scores and Bowling Pin Match scores posted
Oct 14 IDPA Match Scores posted.
Oct 6 High Power scores posted. Precision Rifle match results
Oct 4 Notice regarding 100yd range use by Garfield Hts police dept.
Sep 29 Bowling Pin Match Scores & Precision Rifle Match flyer
Sep 28 High Power match scores, & Down Range report posted.
Sep 22 Added Work Party to calendar for Oct. 12.
Sep 21 Three Gun Match results posted
Sep 15 IDPA State Match scores posted
Sep 10 High Power Match scores & Three Gun Match Flyer posted.
Sep 7 Clam Bake details posted
Sep 1 August 30 High Power match scores
Aug 27 Greek Food Fesitval info posted
Aug 25 September Down Range Report posted in Members Only area, and Risko Memorial details
Aug 24 Membership page updated with new fees.
Aug 18 High Power scores for Aug 16 posted
Aug 17 Clam Bake, Oct. 4, added to club calendar
Aug 16 IDPA Match Scores for August
Aug 10 Bowling Pin match scores posted
Jul 29 Francis Marion Scores & Report posted
Jul 25 August Down Range Report posted on Members Only area
Jul 21 Work Party dates and Steak Roast added to calendar
Jul 14 Bowling Pin Scores posted
Jul 13 July IDPA Scores posted
Jul 7 MI Garand & Carbine match results posted.
Jul 3 June Bowling Pin match scores
Jun 30 Skeet schedule updated
Jun 29 July Down Range Report posted in members only area
Jun 24 D-Day Carbine Match Scores posted
Jun 23 High Power match scores posted
Jun 16 Francis Marion details posted. June IDPA Match scores posted
Jun 14 May Tactical Shotgun match scores posted.
Jun 12 June 22LR Long Distance match scores posted
Jun 3 June High Power scores posted
Jun 1 Details on 22LR Precision Rifle Match
May 26 Bowling Pin scores posted
May 20 June Down Range Report published in Members Only area. May IDPA Classifier scores posted.
May 19 Added Women's Matches to the Club Calendar. Added notation to IDPS State Match info that Jr. shooters are free.
May 15 Posted some "heritage" photos in the Members Only area.
May 12 Rib Cookout details posted
May 11 May High Power Scores posted
Apr 28 April 27 Bowling Pin Scores & High Power match scores posted
Apr 22 May Down Range Report posted in the members only area
Apr 20 Tactical Rifle Clinic & Match resutls posted
Apr 9 March IDPA match scores posted
Apr 5 Posted details & registration for State IDPA Match
Mar 28 Down Range Report newsletter posted in Members Only area.
Mar 25 Updated New Shooter Meeting info for IDPA
Mar 24 Bowling Pin Scores posted
Mar 23 Changed date of May/Jun High Power match. Added Cinco 'de Mayo post. Add D-Day details
Mar 17 Posted details and registration for IDPA Clinic & High Power Rifle Schedule posted
Mar 16 Sub Gun scheduled added
Mar 15 Added D-D Match (June 6) to club calendar
Mar 3 Club Calendar updated with TRS Schedule for 2014
Mar 2 Women On Target flyer and registration form posted and March Down Range Report in Members Only Area.
Feb 21 Sausage Roast flyer posted
Feb 19 IDPA Schedule posted
Jan 25 Bowling Pin, Skeet Calendars for 2014 posted
Jan 20 February Down Range Report posted in Members Only Area.
Jan 19 Work party credit report for 2013 updated

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