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ALGC Shooters earn medals and awards at 2019 Camp Perry National Matches

President's 100
Roy Mitchell 384-20X 20th place P100 medal
National Trophy Individual
Roy Mitchell 496-22X Gold Medal (6th place overall)

Garand Match
Howard Funk 262-5X Bronze medal
Mike Manges 267-1X Bronze medal
Roy Mitchell 288-8X Gold medal

Mark Schwab    261-01X   Bronze Medal

Springfield Match
Roy Mitchell 289-5X Gold medal

Vintage/Foreign Service Rifle Match
Mike Manges K31 263-2X Bronze medal
Roy Mitchell K31 278-4X Silver medal

M1 Carbine match
Dave Beebe 344-2X Silver medal
Mike Manges 343-2X Silver medal
Curt Petchler 339-3X Bronze medal
Cindy Bailey 335-0X Bronze medal   HIGH Female Shooter

Modern Military Rifle Match
Cindy Bailey 179-2X Silver medal
Curt Petchler 278-5X Silver medal

Vintage Sniper Match
Bill Rochelle/Dave Beebe (Aug Brothers) 382-9X Silver medal

CMP Cup 600 yard Slow Prone Aggregate
Roy Mitchell 400-20X 1st place

Rimfire Sporter Tactical
Cindy Bailey    569-18X    Bronze Medal

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