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2007 Subgun Clinic

Start the 2007 Subgun season off "on us" and take advantage of a FREE Subgun Clinic. That's a $25 savings for non-members and $15 savings for members.

This special is for the April 14th Subgun clinic ONLY.
The clinic starts promptly at 12:00 NOON and is good for one full year's of match eligibility! (expires 4/14/08).

Directly following the Subgun Clinic we will have matches commencing at 1:00PM sharp. We will not hold up the clinic for "late arrivals".

Match fees are as follows:
$5 match/ members
$7 match /non-members

If you do not have a registered NFA firearm, they are available for a small rental fee.
Shooters supply their own ammo for both clinic and matches - calibers 9mm, 45 ACP, 22LR and .30 carbine.

Rentals available:
Chicago Typewriter, (Thompson SMGs), Uzi's, Stens, HK-MP5, MP-40, M2 Carbine, M-16's in .22 RF, US M3 Grease gun, etc; etc.

See Submachine Gun Clinic information page for more details about the clinic
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