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Tactical Shotgun Match
October 18th, 2003

To all of you that participated, and especially to all of you that helped out this year, Stony and I thank you for making our first year a smashing success. We had decent turn-outs for the regular matches, and near capacity turn-outs for the Francis Marion and the Three Gun Match. It was a lot of work, but we can look back proudly on our accomplishments and successes over the last year. We all learned a lot about this new discipline. What guns and techniques work, what doesn't. I must have changed my mind a dozen times about what the "ideal tactical rifle" is. Everytime we learn something new, we try to roll it back into the program so that we continue to grow and remain relevant. We look forward to introducing some new ideas next year, which will make our matches even more exciting. One thing to look for in the future is reactive rifle targets. We'll keep in touch over the winter months, to let you know when the first events of the year will be. We should have another revision of the rules come out sometime in the next couple of months too.

Hope to see you next year!


Match Report
There were two stages in this match. The first stage was a rather large tactical stage, all buckshot.  The second stage was a man-against-man pepper popper speed stage. 

Name Division Iraqi Personal Security Detail Squishymart Stick-up Match Total
Dean B. ETS - Pump 22.50 16.52 39.02
Phil T. ETS - Pump 28.05 DNF DNF
Pat S. ETS - Pump 35.83 23.99 59.82
Doug P. Riot Gun - Auto 17.05 26.51 43.56
Fred P. Riot Gun - Auto 20.91 34.42 55.33
Mike McQ. Riot Gun - Auto 38.80 15.00 53.80
Jan H. Riot Gun - Pump 18.11 16.37 34.48
Mike McG. Riot Gun - Pump 23.65 16.17 39.82
Doug S. Riot Gun - Pump 22.94 17.76 40.70
Kent N. Riot Gun - Pump 22.38 18.92 41.30
Jason H. Riot Gun - Pump 31.26 15.00 46.26
Jeff M. Riot Gun - Pump 17.95 32.12 50.07
Stony S. Riot Gun - Pump 26.74 28.48 55.22
Richard K. Riot Gun - Pump 38.21 26.92 65.13
John McG. Riot Gun - Pump 38.83 35.65 74.48
Mike K. ETS - Auto 19.20 15.23 34.43

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