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Rules Seminar

To kick off ALGC's first Tactical Shotgun & Rifle season, we will be having a rules seminar Saturday, February 22nd, 10:00 AM sharp, at the ALGC pavilion. The purpose of this seminar is to review the various classes and rules of this new program, go over any issues shooters have, and answer questions.

If weather permits, we will have a Two-Gun (Shotgun & Rifle) match, so bring your riot guns and tactical rifles. Bring a minimum of 25 rounds buckshot, and 5 slugs for shotgun, minimum of 50 rounds for rifle.

After the seminar and shooting, there will be a potluck meal. Bring a pot or pan of your favorite dish, along with the alcoholic or non-alcoholic libation of your choice. Coffee and pastries will be provided during the seminar. If the weather permits shooting, there will be a nominal charge to cover targets.

Please review the Rules & Classes page, which outlines the different shotgun and rifle classes, along with the various rules. The rules of this program will be structured very much like IDPA. If we haven't mentioned a specific issue in these rules, you can assume that the closest applicable IDPA rule would apply.

You may also want to review the Shotgun Standards Course.

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