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Tactical Shotgun Standard Course

May 15, 2004

The Tactical Shotgun Standards Course is designed to force the shooter to “put it ALL together” in one match that tests all of the basic Tactical Shotgun skills. This includes Ready Position Reloads, shooting from cover, shooting while moving, precision slug shooting and the dreaded Weak Hand Shooting stage. Mother Nature decided to give us an early taste of the Francis Marion by providing not stop rain to make everything nice and muddy.

Thirteen hardy souls showed up to test their skills. Plain Jane pump riot guns continue to dominate in numbers and scores, with Jason “Crazy Legs” H. taking the top honors with his basic Remington 870 riot gun. Also of note was Fred P. who improved his score by nearly 50% over last year’s to win the Riot Gun – Auto division. And finally, Tim McG., the dark horse with his radical Enhanced Shotgun –Auto division, complete with all the bells and whistles… Well, let’s just say that if he ever gets it all to work on the first time through, we’re all in trouble. His not-for-score-re-shoot was scary-fast (81.43).


Name Division Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Total
H, Jason RG-Pump 24.12 31.69 31.52 87.33
McG, Mike RG-Pump 32.89 30.55 35.99 99.43
D, Brian RG-Pump 30.40 37.54 36.49 104.43
McG, John RG-Pump 33.07 50.64 48.66 132.37
N, Kent RG-Pump 42.35 36.48 59.29 138.12
M, Jeff RG-Pump 40.54 32.14 83.48 156.16
P, Fred RG-Auto 25.89 38.83 41.25 105.97
McQ, Mike RG-Auto 24.23 41.55 41.80 107.58
P, Nathan RG-Auto 25.95 47.47 40.57 113.99
M, Eric RG-Auto 31.96 41.90 42.16 116.02
J, Dave ES-Auto 29.28 46.31 47.01 122.60
McG, Tim ES-Auto 37.40 39.50 54.74 131.64
B, Dean ES-Pump 32.14 69.47 48.15 149.76
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