Ashland Lake Gun Club

Second Annual Three Gun Tactical Challenge

Saturday, September 18th, 2004, 10:00 am


Events included
  • One Tactical Rifle only stage: This will all be at 150 yards or less.
  • One Tactical Rifle / Handgun stage: This will include transition from rifle to handgun. All shooting will be at 50 yards or less.
  • One Tactical Shotgun only Stage: This will include both buckshot and slugs
  • One Tactical Shotgun / Handgun stage: This will include a transition from shotgun to handgun.
  • One Handgun only stage: This will be an “IDPA-style” stage.
  • Hotdog, hamburger and BYOB picnic when all of the shooting is done.
If you are not familiar with our program, please review the program rules.

Ammo and firearm requirements:
  • At least 100 rounds of rifle ammunition and 5 magazines.
  • At least 25 rounds of buckshot and 10 slugs
  • At least 100 rounds of handgun ammunition
  • Rifles and Shotguns must fall within ALGC’s Tactical Rifle and Shotgun program rules. The rifle stages heavily favor semi-autos, but bolt-action rifles may be used if they can be reloaded with detachable magazines and/or stripper clips.
  • Shotguns and rifles must have slings. In two different stages, after shooting rifle or shotgun, shooters will have to use both hands to do things like drag a dummy, shoot a handgun, etc. If you’ve never done a transition from rifle / shotgun to handgun, you may want to practice this before the match.
  • Handguns and equipment (holsters, etc.) should be IDPA-legal. However, “tactical” or “service-type” holsters and magazine holders WILL be allowed, but all retention devices must be used. For example, tactical drop-leg holsters are allowed. This will NOT be a concealment match.
  • Hearing and eye protection are MANDATORY at all times while on the shooting ranges.
Lunch will be provided by the fine chefs of Combat Cuisine. It will consist of hamburgers, hotdogs and side dishes. Although water will be provided on the range, lunch is BYOB. You may bring and drink beer, but only AFTER you are done shooting and only in the pavilion area. You may not re-enter the range area after taking your first sip of alcohol. Pre-registration is required if you want lunch!!!!! We will accept walk-ins for this match, but there may not be food available for you.

If you have any questions, or to request a mail-in coupon for pre-registrations, contact the program director at:
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