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Tactical Rifle, August 14th, 2004

Dry and cool weather (for August in Ohio) led to some excellent shooting for this short-range tactical rifle match. The 50 Yard Rescue Scramble required a great deal of movement, shooting from four different positions between 50 and 20 yards, from prone, kneeling and standing, shooting on the move, reloading from slide-lock and dragging a heavy dummy. All of this was done on the clock, from one start. The Rifle CQB standards was even closer range (30 to 15 yards), and was all fast and furious shooting, and included shooting on the move (while moving forwards and backwards) and some weak-shoulder shooting, to mess everyone up.

The competition was very tight in the Tactical Carbine Division. The top three shooters were all within less than one second of each other, over the course of five separate strings of fire, and 51 rounds. Now thatís close. John M edged out the competition by a hair. He also claims not to have fired his AR shorty since about this time last year. Looks like he hasnít lost much.

Take a look at John Sís score in the Stock Battle Carbine class. John is 76 years old and was shooting a WWII-era M1 Carbine, but heís shown that he can still shoot, move, and put the lead where it needs to be. Some of the young whippersnappers who were born AFTER the Great Depression, who John beat, might be feeling a little bit sheepish about now


Tactical Carbine
M, John 79.69 78.49 158.18
M, Dave 85.56 72.86 158.42
LeM, Paul 79.73 79.33 159.06
W, Tom 82.98 81.49 164.47
P, Nathan 80.41 89.81 170.22
McG, Tim 87.73 93.99 181.72
McG, Sean 101.17 98.23 199.40
K, Mike 109.12 105.53 214.65
McG, John 138.20 99.01 237.21
P, Fred 110.11 134.67 244.78
B, Gary 131.95 121.01 252.96
F, Tom 160.20 124.02 284.22
Stock Battle Carbine
P, Doug 90.28 97.77 188.05
C, Brian 111.35 97.55 208.90
H, Jan 117.00 111.37 228.37
S, John 119.82 112.53 232.35
O, John 114.97 119.46 234.43
L, Rudy 132.70 110.11 242.81
M, Larry 125.60 128.34 253.94
Special Purpose Rifle
McG, Mike 75.89 68.69 144.58

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