Ashland Lake Gun Club


Saturday, October 15th, 9:00 a.m

Events will include:

The French Quarter Gauntlet (Rifle Only):
  • All shooting at ranges less than 50 yards, with a lot of shooting on the move.
  • Minimum 40 rounds. Maximum??? (as many as you want)
  • At least one reload on the clock
  • No sling is required for this stage
Get Your Own Bag! (Rifle / Handgun):
  • All rifle shooting at 50 yards or less, handgun shooting at 20 yards or less
  • Minimum 20 rounds rifle, minimum 12 rounds handgun
  • A rifle sling is required which allows you safely and securely sling your rifle ACROSS YOUR BACK, freeing both hands.
T.E.O.T.W.A.W.K.I. ? N.O.L.A. L.E.O. (Shotgun Only):
  • All buckshot shooting under 15 yards, all slug shooting at 25 yards or less
  • Minimum of 12 rounds of buckshot, 7 slugs
  • A sling is required which allows you to safely secure your shotgun while using BOTH hands "Tactical" slings, which leave the gun hanging in front of the shooter are NOT RECOMMENDED
Night of the Living Dead / Junkies Attempt to Loot Charity Hospital (Shotgun / Handgun):
  • All shooting at 15 yards or less
  • A minimum of 12 rounds of buckshot, 12 rounds of handgun
  • A sling is not required for this stage

If you are not familiar with our program, please review the program rules.

Ammo and firearm requirements:

  • Rifles, Shotguns and ammunition must fall within ALGC's Tactical Rifle and Shotgun program rules. Bolt Action rifles will NOT work for this match. Very heavy SPR-type semi-auto's will be at a distinct disadvantage.
  • If you've never done a transition from rifle / shotgun to handgun, you may want to practice this before the match!
  • Handguns and equipment (holsters, etc.) should be IDPA-legal. However, "tactical" or "service-type" holsters and magazine holders WILL be allowed, but all retention devices must be used. For example, tactical drop-leg holsters are allowed. This will NOT be a concealment match.
  • Hearing and eye protection are MANDATORY at all times while on the shooting ranges.
  • We run a Cold Range. All handguns must be transported unloaded and in a holster, or in a closed case. All long-guns must be transported either in a closed case, or slung (muzzle up or down) with an Open Bolt Indicator in place.
LUNCH WILL NOT BE PROVIDED, AND THERE WILL BE NO BREAKS. BRING YOUR OWN FOOD AND DRINKS IF YOU CARE TO EAT THEM ON THE RANGE! The Pavilion will be open after the match if you would like to eat a late lunch after things are cleaned up. Alcohol is only allowed on the Pavilion side of the club, and only after shooting!

PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED, AND YOU WILL BE SQUADDED!!!! If you would like to be squadded with other shooters, please send your forms and money in together, but there are no guarantees. Send in one form per shooter!!! Registration will be cut-off at 32 shooters.
  • Registration will begin at 9:00 am, on the pistol ranges, at the big shelter
  • There will be a shooter's meeting at 9:30 am on the pistol ranges, at the big shelter
  • Shooting will start at 10:00 am. If you do not shoot with your assigned squad, you will not be allowed to go back to stages you have missed.

If you have any questions e-mail

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