Ashland Lake Gun Club

Tactical Rifle Clinic
Saturday, June 11th

8:00 am at the Pavillion

You may note that this has also been strategically scheduled on the same day as a social event, the Steak Roast.

No pre-registration will be required, but we would appreciate a heads up so that we can get a rough head count. tactical@ashlandlakegunclub.orge

Note: this clinic is NOT a sniper rifle clinic. We will be working on relatively short-range rifle shooting (100 yards and less), with an emphasis on gun handling skills with semi-automatic rifles.

What to bring: Gun - A semi-automatic rifle or carbine (e.g.: AR-15, AK-47, M-14 clone, etc.). At least two spare magazines.

Ammo: A minimum of 100 rounds of rifle ammunition.

Misc: A sling would be useful, but is not mandatory. Some type of magazine carrier would be useful. If you don't own one, wear a garment that has deep pockets. Dress for the weather. The ranges can be muddy.

Hearing and eye protection are mandatory AT ALL TIMES when you are on the range. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Lunch and beverages will not be provided, but we will be taking a break around 11:00 am so you are encouraged to bring a packed lunch. The basics of this clinic can be covered in about 3-4 hours. It may go longer, depending on attendance and how much additional shooting attendees would like to do. You are encouraged to bring plenty of extra ammo.
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