Ashland Lake Gun Club

Tactical Shotgun Match
September 29th, 2007

Saturday was a great day for shooting, great weather and the beautiful sound of 12 gauge buckshot slamming another steel pepper popper to the ground rang out time and time again. We had three stages on Saturday, Including “Ring Around the Rosie” and the “Dim Sum Reactor Assault”.

In “Ring around the Rosie” shooters began by choosing one of three symbols –the symbol chosen became a no shoot symbol, and all targets were in groups of three with one of three symbols on them. Shooters then shot two out of the three targets at each location, taking care to think and remember which was the no shoot. In moving around a Diamond pattern of barrels, shooters engaged the targets and finished with a transition to slugs and longer range shots.

In the “Dim Sum Reactor Assault” the shooter engaged two small targets from a Tube, and emerged to engage targets and throw grenades to complete the mission.

A good volume of shooting and great weather made for a wonderful day at the range.



Shotgun Class

Ring Around the Rosie 1

Ring Around The Rosie 2

Points Down

Reactor Assault

Points Down



Jason "Crazy Legs" Henthorne

Riot Pump

26.51 23.89 0 48.87 0 99.27


Kent Newman

Riot Pump

28.4 25.47 1 73.83 0 128.7


Fred "The Rock" Phillips

Auto Riot

38.23 38.6 5 57.18 0 139.01


Mike Knaupe

Auto Riot

32.5 37.17 3 76.85 0 149.52


Pat Smith

Riot Pump

35.02 39.47 3 88.23 0 165.72


Ray Taylor

Riot Pump

35.44 34.58 5 99.2 5 179.22


Doug Saris

Auto Riot

38.32 32.67 2 125.15 0 198.14


David Trump

Riot Pump

55.57 58.09 0 94.84 0 208.5


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