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2007 Tactical Rifle Clinic & Standards Match

Our first event or the season is a combined Tactical Rifle Clinic and Standards match the 28th of April, Saturday at 10 am at the 100 yard range. It is expected that all shooters who arrive have read the Tactical Program Rules/Rationale and the syllabus below before attending to cut down on administrative time and focus on the fundamentals of safety and shooting in the ALGC Tactical program.

Since all shooters will have read the rules and syllabus beforehand, we will concentrate on watching and doing with instruction and guidance provided during the clinic.

We are going to tailor the clinic for the level of experience that arrives, and as such ammo requirements will vary, so bring more than you think you could shoot as this will be a combined clinic and match. 200 rounds would be a good start.

As always, we strongly encourage new shooters and those who want a bit of work on one particular area or another to attend the clinics, most people are surprised how helpful they are. Even if you don't have a weapon you think might be suitable, show up and get ready to have some fun as someone will have a weapon to use.


If you want to just shoot the match, and skip the Clinic, we suggest arriving at noon for setup for the standards Match which will begin immediately after the Clinic. This will be a challenging standards match which will allow you to compare your skills to persons currently serving this great country and in harm's way overseas. The match will be short/medium range and shooters should bring roughly 75 rounds.

Tactical Rifle Clinic Syllabus


  1. Introduction : Tactical uses of rifles. Benefits, limitations.

  2. Brief Review of Tactical Rifle classes, rules & equipment

  3. Safety - Basic Gun Safety, Range Commands, Rifle specific safety issues (loading/unloading, etc.)

  4. Overview of Range Course - Description of what we are going to do on the range.


  1. Loading / unloading with live ammo, with safety rules.

  2. Slings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Shooting Stances- shooting from cover (high and low), prone

  4. Quick zero check at 25 yards.

  5. Live fire from cover - Set up barricades with 4 targets at 20 yards. Each shooter engages each target once. Repeat as necessary.

  6. Reloads - Slide-lock reload, Reload with retention. Repeat as necessary.

  7. Weak-side shooting - Demonstrate method. Course of fire: 4 targets, weak side from barricade. Repeat as necessary.

  8. Shooting while moving - Demonstrate method. Course of fire: move barricade out of the way if necessary. 4 targets shot while moving forward, 4 targets shot while moving backwards. Repeat as necessary.

Break if necessary

  1. Zero rifles at 50 & 100 yards

  2. Moving rapidly with loaded gun

  3. Suppression Fire while moving rapidly

  4. Graduation exercise - CQB Standards. Repeat as necessary.

  5. Optional topics - If time permits and people are interested: Rifle to handgun transition, longer range shooting, advanced use of cover (doorways, cornering, "drop-outs")

  6. Extended shooting - More shooting for anyone that has ammo and wants to continue.

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