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2007 Tactical Shotgun Clinic & Standards Match

This is our second tactical event of 2007, a combined Tactical Shotgun Clinic and Standards match the 26th of May, Saturday at 10 am at the 100 yard range. It is expected that all shooters who arrive have read the Tactical Program Rules/Rationale and syllabus before attending to cut down on administrative time and focus on the fundamentals of safety and shooting in the ALGC Tactical program.

Also please see the buckshot information compiled by Mike McGreer regarding buckshot, interesting numbers, especially the power factor. #1 and #4 looks better than 00!

We are going to tailor the clinic for the level of experience that arrives, and as such ammo requirements will vary, so bring more than you think you could shoot as this will be a combined clinic and match. 50 rounds would be a good start, with equal parts slug and buckshot. Birdshot may be used, but it does not knock down the steel pepper poppers with much authority. Since a good portion of the clinic will cover the pattern of the shotgun at various ranges (useful when shooting at badguys with hostages) it is strongly recommended shooters bring ammo they will be using for home defense/matches.

As always, we strongly encourage new shooters and those who want a bit of work on one particular area or another to attend the clinics, most people are surprised how helpful they are. Even if you don't have a weapon you think might be suitable, show up and get ready to have some fun as someone will have a weapon to use. Heck, drag out that side by side stagecoach gun, they are very handy around the house!


If you want to just shoot the match, and skip the Clinic, we suggest arriving at noon for setup for the standards Match which will begin immediately after the Clinic. This will be a challenging standards match which will allow you to compare your skills to persons currently serving this great country and in harm's way overseas. The match will be short/medium range and shooters should bring roughly 30 rounds.
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