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Tactical Rifle Match

Aug. 23, 2008

Report & Scores

REGISTRTION: 0800-0915
FEE: 10$ members-15$ non-members

The annual ALGC tactical rifle match is near. This year’s match will be just as challenging, if not more than last year. Please know your zero for 50, 200 and 300 yards. This event will be rain or shine, so dress for success. A handgun will be needed this year, so have a serviceable sidearm and holster. The range will be partially set up the night before, so have your practice in before Friday evening. Registration will be at the 200yd cover. The 300 yard range is off limits until your ready to shoot.

Find The Plates:
On the clock, the shooter moves to a firing point on the 300 yard range, then engages 4 steel plates with 2 shots each. Steel plates will be somewhat concealed.
Pop The Bottle:
The shooter must engage 4 water bottles. These won’t be gallon jugs guys.
300yd El President:
Just what is says. It will be modified to make it bolt friendly.
To Close:
An abrupt transition from a supported prone position to a sidearm.

The round count for the day will be approximately 30 rifle and 10 handgun. That figure could be slightly less, or significantly more, depending upon your individual level of accuracy. Your limited to what you can carry on your person for the entire match. Some stages will grant set-up time, others will be on the fly so to speak. This entire match will be bolt and auto friendly. NO STEEL CORE AMMO!!!!!

Match participation is limited to 24. Be on time, first come first serve.

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