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2010 Tactical Shotgun Clinic and Standards

May 29th, 2010

The Clinic and Standards will be located at the long pistol bay next to the IDPA shed. The Clinic starts at 10:00 am and will be followed by the Standards course at, or around noon. The Clinic is two hours of instruction/refresher course of basic shotgun handling and skills. You will also gain the knowledge of what is required to enter most of our shotgun matches while maintaining a safe and enjoyable atmosphere. Our goal is to impart tactical soundness, use of cover, shooting from different positions, shooting on the move, reloads etc… We will cover as much as possible in the two-hour time frame. This will prepare you for the Standards course; in essence, we put it all together to test the basic shotgun skills. Here is a list of items you will need to have for the clinic, also for the Tactical Rifle and Shotgun matches in the future.
12 gauge pump or auto smaller gauges upon directors approval
Safety glasses and hearing protection mandatory
Sling for your shotgun we transition to sidearm
Pistol, holster, and one magazine IDPA setup works well (bring 8 rds for clinic)
DPA setup works well (bring 8 rds for clinic) 5 rds slug, 10 rds buckshot, 25 rds birdshot
Ammo for standards course 10 rds slug, 36 rds of buck/birdshot

Other items that will be beneficial to your success are some sort of ammo retainer i.e. a bandoleer, shot shell belt, vest etc… The use of a receiver mounted unit like a Tacstar works very well. I would stay away from buttstock holders, because we cover shooting weak side, it’s hard to maintain a good cheek weld. The ammo requirements are somewhat flexible in that your goal is to knock down the steel pepper-poppers, so buckshot works extremely well 00,#1,#4, etc.., but is expensive to shoot, an alternative would be birdshot (#6 or larger only). I use #4 high brass 1 ¼ oz 3 ¾ dram equivalent and does the job. Here is a link to different power factors of various 12 gauge ammo for reference Buckshot/birdshot power factors

The cost is ten dollars for clinic and ten for the standards for members, if you are not a member the cost is an additional five dollars for the day.

Clinic plus Standards member =$20.00 Clinic plus Standards non-member =$25.00

If you have any further questions feel free to contact me on the ALGC website.
Nathan Wilson (Director) Roy Mitchell (Co-director)Tactical Rifle and Shotgun program
We support the NRA

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