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Tactical Rifle & Shotgun Program

This year has some fairly big changes for the Tactical Rifle and shotgun program.  We are an extension of the ALGC IDPA program, and we try to use the IDPA rules as guidelines while shooting Rifles and Shotguns. 

We have simplified dramatically the weapons divisions this year to a total of three regardless of the type of rifle, pistol, or shotgun combination you are shooting for a match. The three divisions for ALL weapons combinations are:
  • Stock Iron: (Non-modified as-issued weapon),
  • Tactical Enhanced: (Modified Weapon),
  • Heavy Gun: (Large Caliber - Slight Modifications)
The simple explanation is as follows: If you have a gun that was issued by somebody, itís probably Stock Iron. If you have a gun and it has been modified or has special something or other, itís probably Tactical Enhanced. If you have a gun that shoots really big bullets and you have not put a scope on it or tinkered with it much, itís probably Heavy Gun. If you have guns in mixed categories, you default to either Stock Iron if you have not tinkered with any of them, or Tactical Enhanced if you have. Please refer to the detailed division page or contact your Tactical Directors with any questions. As before, almost all matches will require a sidearm holstered in a secure manner. Please bring plenty of ammo and be prepared to enjoy a great season at ALGC! See you at the Range!

2011 Match schedule

Sat, Apr 9 9:00 AM Tactical Long Gun Clinic rifle/shotgun
Sat, May 28 10:00 AM Tactical Shotgun (report and scores)
Sat, Jun 25 10:00 AM Tactical Rifle (report and scores)
Sat, Jul 23 9:00 AM Francis Marion XXXI match, dinner after match  (scores & report)   (media gallery)
Sat, Aug 27 10:00 AM Tactical Rifle (report & scores)
Sat, Sep 17 10:00 AM Tactical Shotgun (scores & report)
Sat, Oct 1 9:00 AM Tactical Rifle Sniper Match, registration at 8:00AM (results)

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