Ashland Lake Gun Club

2013 ALGC Long Range Rifle
Sat Oct 12

This years’ course of fire will be on both the two and three hundred yard ranges. The three hundred yard course will be engaging one target for score per person. You will be required to take three shots per position, each at 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 yards. The 100 yard position will be shot at a 2 inch dot, all the rest will be on an 8 inch bull over the zero zone of an IDPA target. Scoring rings will dictate the score. Each position will have a par time of 1-2 minutes depending on the range. Not all of them will be prone, some will be sitting/kneeling while using a makeshift shooting support. Surprise, surprise!

The 200 yard range will have 5 positions all at the 200 yard line. You will be required to engage one or two steel targets per position. Be warned some of the positions will have no support i.e. sandbag or bipod.

We are focusing more this year on making the ONE shot count. Each shot will be scored as a hit or miss, meaning every shot will count. You can’t afford to throw any shots, but believe me that plenty of people will miss some shots. Some of the shots will be very demanding and will require extreme concentration with perhaps a little luck thrown in for good measure. Use the par time wisely!

Please respond if you know for sure you will be there. I want an estimate of the number of shooters. Thank you!

The following will be a short abbreviated expectation to make your day at the range rewarding and successful.

Sign in: 8:30 – 9am (Three hundred yard cover)
Sign in Cutoff: 9am
Cost: 10$ member-15$non-member
Clothing: No national match style gloves, coats etc. Dress for the weather.
Shooting aids: bring a front sandbag (no rear bags or monopod etc…will be allowed this match) or a bipod ( IF YOU SHOOT THE MATCH WITH THE BIPOD IT HAS TO STAY ON THE ENTIRE MATCH) and if you want a shooting mat of some sort. No portable shooting benches
Sighters: NONE
Equipment: A scoped rifle that is safe, serviceable, and ideally capable of 1MOA
Round count: 24 min rounds, bring a few extra (in case you jamb, drop, loose etc… a few rounds) and NO HANDGUN THIS YEAR
Scoring: Vickers, scoring rings, hit or miss points will be awarded.
Spotters: NO
Rifle Zero: 100 yards out to 300 yards, know your dope.

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