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2014 ALGC Long Range Rifle

4th Oct 2014

This yearsí course of fire will be on both the two and three hundred yard ranges. The three hundred yard range will start everyone with a cold bore shot and two follow up shots at the 100 yard line. After that we split up, one half to the 200 and one half stays at the 300. You will be engaging various steel plates and perhaps some paper targets with two rounds each from different positions, and yes some of the positions will not be very comfortable to shoot from and will not all be shot from prone. So expect 100/200/and 300 yards shots (plus or minus) a few yards here and there. As of today, all the shooting will be done from a par time only, so make the each and every shot count.

Roy and myself are going to be shooting with everyone at the same time, so it will be a trial day for us to see how it works out. One of the positions is/will be left blank, that position will be the one that every team (two per team, although you will be scored separate) will run the par time for the entire range, donít worry (well maybe just a bit) we will go over it on the day of the match. The fellow team member will be scoring for you and vice versa, while also making sure you run safe.

The following will be a short abbreviated expectation to make your day at the range rewarding and successful.

Sign in: 10:00 Ė 10:30am  (Three hundred yard cover)

Sign in Cutoff: 10:30am (shooters meeting to follow at 10:35 am)

Cost: 10$ member-15$ non-member

Clothing: No national match style gloves, coats etc. Dress for the weather.

Shooting aids: If you can carry it to the line, itís allowed. No portable shooting benches. Can use bags or bipod, but no monopod on the butt stock

Sighters: NONE Thatís what your cold bore shot and follow up shot is (LUCKY YOU)

Equipment: A scoped rifle that is safe, serviceable, and capable of 1MOA.

Round count: 41 rifle (bring some extra in case the COF changes)

Scoring: Limited Vickers, each shot will be scored

Spotters: YES, your score keeper can relay information to you, but be careful!

Rifle Zero: Have a one, two, and three hundred yard zero.

This is a rain or shine event. If it rains, both you and your equipment will get wet. I think I covered everything.

Nathan Wilson TR&S Director

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