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2011 Bird of Prey Series at ALGC

July 25, 2011

The Competition Committee for the “Birds of Prey” Series has made an important change to the scoring rule to determine the series champions at the end of the year. Originally a competitor had to shoot all three matches and then the highest average score would have determined the series champion for both the Sporting and the Service/Tactical Class.

The new scoring rule that is now in place to determine the Series champion is that a competitor‘s top two (2) scores will be added together and the highest total score for two of the three matches will be named the series champion, in both the Sporting as well as the Service/Tactical Class.

Current standings are here.

This important scoring change means that if you may have missed the first leg of the Series back in May, it’s not to late to grab your shotgun and come on up the hill Saturday, July 30th, and compete for one of the titles for this year’s Series Champion.

As usual, the course of fire will consist of 25 birds which will be presented to the shooter at various speeds, angles, and elevations, all from either being in a standing, sitting, or walking position. The maximum number of shells loaded will be two (2) at all stations but there will be a number of stations where the shooter will have to, rather quickly, reload a third shell, to engage a third bird. The size of shot to be used will be #9’s, #8’s, or the largest of #7 ˝’s and will be closely monitored by the safety officers.

Competitors will be squaded in groups of no more than five (5) and will travel from station to station as a squad. The shooting sequence of the squad will rotate at each new station so that all members will have the dubious honor of having to go first, at least twice throughout the match.

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